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    Madras Fish Masala

    Tamil Nadu has a large coastline and the bountiful seafood makes it a paradise for seafood lovers.

    Fish curry preparations vary from state to state. The seafood from the marathi region to konkan and malabar style seafood, Bengali style to Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu all have their own unique styles and ingredients ranging from use of coconut milk, kokum, tamarind, chilli, mustard etc.

    Thillai’s Madras Fish curry masala is simply fish curry prepared in the traditional Tamil Nadu style with a perfect blend of spices and a sharp hot chilli taste. This is simple soul food that every Chennaite would love for lunch.
    While the debate rages on whether sea fish or fresh water fish is good everyone agrees that Thillais fish curry is always good.

    Available in convenient pack size of 50g.

    Thillai’s recommends: Thillai’s Fish curry made with (seer fish or veral) with hot white rice.

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    Chettinad Masala Curry Powder

    Chettinad chicken is a standard fare across menus in restaurants across the country.

    The chettinad region comprising of Karaikudi, Sivagangai and adjoining areas are known for their unique dishes. What sets the chettinad cuisine apart is the non vegetarian dishes ranging from mutton, chicken, fish and crab that are spiced with a healthy dose of pepper and curry leaves.

    Thillai’s Chettinad masala is probably the first of its kind curry powder that heps you to prepare an authentic Chettinad style dish at home.

    Thillai’s chettinad masala is easily our most popular product and available across all protein shops in wet markets across Tamil Nadu.

    Available in convenient pack size of 50g.

    Thillai’s recommends: Chettinad chicken gravy style with Chappathis.

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    Curry Powder

    Curries are probably our biggest gift to global cuisine. However, the range of curries available in India are too difficult to enumerate as each state has several variations and varieties, consistencies, veg, non veg, dal based and the various accompaniments that go well with different kinds of curries.

    Thillais curry powder is an all purpose curry powder that goes well on chicken or meat dishes and also can be used to make a fantastic veg kurma.

    It is a curry powder similar to the “Hot Madras Curry” that westerners know. The curry will appeal to everybody as it goes well with rice or with chappathi, parathas (Parottas) or even idlis and egg dosas.

    Available in convenient pack size of 50g.

    Thillai’s recommends: Chicken curry made with Thillai’s Curry powder and Egg dosas.

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    Sambar Powder

    Sambar is probably the most popular dish of Tamil Nadu. Sambar is a versatile dish that can be prepared and consumed for all meals from breakfast to dinner.

    The traditional Tamil Nadu breakfast is never complete without idli sambar, dosa sambar, vada sambar or pongal sambar.

    A good lunch thali is never complete without sambar and rice with an assortment of vegetables, appalam (papad) pickle and curd (yogurt).

    Tea time or an evening snack of vada and sambar followed by piping hot filter kaapi can bring a smile on anyone’s face. Dosa and sambar or idli and sambar are again an evening ritual. The idli sambar combination has gone beyond the borders of Tamil Nadu and has become the breakfast of choice for millions of Indians. A suburban train ride in Mumbai in the morning will show how the idli sambar competes for share of the stomach of Mumbaikars along with vadapav.

    The sambar of Tamil Nadu is a little different from the Karnataka style sambar. The Tamil Nadu sambar has more asafoetida and tamarind with a hotter flavour vis a vis the Karnataka sambar which is sweetish because of the pinch of jaggery that is added to the sambar. The variety of chilli used in the Karnataka style sambar is a milder variety with a bright red colour. Madras sambar is considered to be the choice of brahmins and does not contain onion or garlic. However, it is the round gundu (mundu) ramnad chilli that adds to the flavour of madras sambar.

    Sambar can be customised in many ways by choice of vegetables; use of a variety of chillies, sour agents can vary from tamarind, dry mango to garcinia or even lemons. The dals can vary from tur, urud or gram dal as well. So whatever be your own unique style use it with Thillai’s sambar. Thillai’s sambar powder has been crafted after a lot exploration and a gastronomic journey throughout south India. The blend is suited for all kinds of sambar and goes will with tiffin dishes or rice.

    The sambar is literally drunk by sambar aficionados. Raise a toast with sambar!

    Available in convenient pack size of 50g.

    Thillai’s recommends: Crispy dosas and sambar made with Thillai’s sambar powder served with coconut chutney.

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    Pulikulambu Milagai Powder

    Kulambu milagai thool or Kulambu podi or Kara Kulambu podi are all the same mixed curry powder that is cooked very frequently in all homes across Tamil Nadu.

    The variations of this curry powder are as many as the different names that people use to refer to the tangy curry.
    This powder is usually made from a combination of chilli, coriander and turmeric and very suited for veg curry’s using egg plant (brinjal), okra (lady finger), dried vathal, and beans.

    Thillais Pulikulambu (Kuzhambu) is created keeping in mind ease and convenience and contains onion powder and tamarind powder to make the cooking process easy and non messy.

    All you need to prepare this delishous tangy curry with Thillai’s Pulikulambu powder is to add your favourite vegetable to water and bring it to boil. Add a table spoon of Thillai’s Pulikulambu powder and let it simmer.

    Available in convenient pack size of 50g.

    Thillai’s recommends: Okra (bindi, lady’s finger) made with Thillai’s Pulikulambu powder served with hot white rice and Appalam (papad).

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    Garam Masala

    Garam masala literally means Hot spice. However, it is not a hot spice as it usually does not contain chillies but is a combination of black and white pepper, green and black cardamom pods, nutmeg, mace, cloves, bayleaf and cumin.
    There are several versions of garam masala such as the punjabi garam masala, super garam masala etc. Thillai’s Garam masala is a combination of spices that can be used to add zing and flavour to any dish either vegetarian or non vegetarian.

    Available in convenient pack sizes of 50g, 500g and 1kg.

    Thillai’s recommends: A teaspoon of Garam masala to your chicken curry or a mutton curry.