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  • Marina Fish Roast Mix

    Marina Fish Roast

    The Marina beach at Chennai is not only famous for its long and beautiful beach but also for the lip smacking fish fry sold in the small kiosks along the beach.

    The aroma and taste of the fresh fish being fried is a lip smacking treat and a great snack when spending time on the beach.

    Thillais brings this Chennai favourite to your kitchen as “Easy Marina Fish Roast Mix”. This is a single serve and easy to cook recipe. All you need to do is empty the contents of the pack into your favourite fish, marinate the product for an hour and fry it on a tava until cooked. Enjoy with a drizzle of fresh lime and diced onions.

    Thillais recommends cooking this on a tava on a slow flame for the best flavour using very little oil for a healthy treat.


  • Easy-Briyani-mix-1

    Easy Biryani Mix

    The mention of the word brings a smile on everybody’s face. An indulgent meal that leaves people feeling guilty but always wanting more.

    Biryani’s have moved from being expensive and pricey to food that is quick and nutritious and can be served as a business lunch or as convenient takeaway meal at a very reasonable price.

    Biryani’s come in various hues from brownish to orangish and yellow and everything in between and the tastes can vary from a mildly sweet Kashmiri style biryani to more spicy variants.

    From the Bohri biryani in Mumbai to the Malabar biryani of Kerala, biryanis vary across states in their taste and choice of meats. From soft and succulent mutton biryani, chicken and vegetarian to prawn and fish biryani, in coastal areas to the more exotic biryanis cooked during the festive season such as rabbit and turkey biryanis. The world famous Hyderabadi biryani has been copied by various restaurants.

    Tamilnadu and particularly Chennai has become a destination for a variety of biryanis that have been popular in TN. The famous biryani houses  from Dindigul such as Thalapakatti, Ponram, Venus and Velus  now dot the various lanes in Chennai and the food courts in the Metropolis.

    The other popular biryanis of TN are  Ambur Biryani, Buhari Biryani, Kulathur Biryani, Sultanya biryani of Sankarankvovil, Amsavalli of Madurai and Burma hotel Biryani in Virudhunagar.

    Making biryani at home sounds like a difficult task and very complex  but all that changes with the All New Thillais Biryani mix. It has been created keeping in mind that cooking should be a fun exercise and involve minimum cooking steps while still allowing you to customise a dish to your individual taste. Thillais biryani mix when cooked will satisfy your taste buds like no other biryani mix.

    A highly fragrant biryani, spiced right, flavourful and wholesome. Thillais Easy biryani is definitely worth a try.

    Thillais Recommends:

    Thillais Mutton Biryani with Jeera samba rice served with dalcha and onion raitha.

    Comes in a convenient single serve 50 g pack.

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    Easy Virudhunagar Salna Mix

    The Salna of Virudhunagar is an improvised version of the Salan which is popular in Mughlai cuisine and usually served along with Mughlai Biryani. The Virudhunagar Salna however is served more as an accompaniment for the famed Virudhunagar Crispy Parottas. It is spiced mildly but cooked with a lot of onions which provide a sweetish tinge along with a little coconut milk which gives it a distinct flavour. The Salna is now used as a side dish for parottas, idlis and dosas.

    Thillai’s Easy Virudhunagar Salna mix now comes in an easy to cook convenient single serve pack and contains quality ingredients blended and perfected to give you an authentic Virudhunagar style Salna.

    Thillai’s Recommends:

    Thillai’s Virudhunagar Salna served with Parottas.

    Comes in a convenient single serve 50 g pack.

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    Easy Madurai Mutton Fry

    Madurai is famous for its jasmine, soft snow white idlis and Madurai Muniyandi Vilas Hotels. At the Madurai Muniyandi vilas it is all about the mutton sukka varuval. Any serious foodie will swear by the Madurai Mutton Sukka that is now popular across various hotels. Tender succulent bite sized pieces of mutton fried with a dash of coarse ground spices with a little oil and its own juices.

    Thillai’s Madurai Mutton Fry masala is our own version of the famous Madurai mutton sukka in a single serve, easy and convenien to cook pack.

    The Madurai region is surrounded by hardy terrain with dry thorny scrub (miskeet, karuvelai) that dot the land scape. The goats of this region are all usually free range goats that feed on this thorny scrub by standing on their hind legs to reach out for the green leaves. It is believed that this kind of feeding makes the goats muscular and gives a unique texture and taste. The traditional goat breed of Tamil Nadu is the Kanni and can be seen grazing among the thorny scrubs around Madurai.

    Available in convenient pack size of 50g.

    Thillai’s recommends: Idiyappams or Idlis with Mutton Curry and Mutton Sukka on the side.

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    Easy Chicken 65 Mix

    As strange as the name Chicken 65 sounds so does the history of it name. There are several versions of the origin of the name chicken 65.

    The Buhari hotel claims that it was named behind the year that the restaurant was started. Another version is that the chicken dish is prepared with a 65 day old chick to give it the right texture and taste. The chicken 65 is a very popular dish across non vegetarian. Vegetarian restaurants now offer paneer 65, gobi 65 and mushroom 65’s.

    The chicken 65 is also very similar to the dry version of the chilli chicken offered at restaurants. The chicken 65 is a popular bar snack, an appetiser or as a side dish. Thillai’s chicken 65 mix is our version of this wildly popular restaurant dish as we know it is loved by kids and elders.

    Making a chicken 65 is child’s play with the Thillai’s Chicken 65 mix. It is a single serve pack with all the ingredients required. All you need to do is empty the contents onto 500gms of bite sized chicken pieces that wet. Allow it to marinate for 30 minutes and then fry it in oil. Your chicken 65 is ready to enjoy.

    Available in convenient pack size of 50g.

    Thillai’s recommends: Egg biryani with chicken 65 on the side.

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    Easy Chettinad Chicken Mix

    Thillai’s Easy Chettinad mix is the result of marrying our wildly popular Thillai’s Chettinad Masala to ease and convenience. This all new pack is now available as a single serve easy to cook pack that makes it even easier to serve up a quick chicken meal.

    All you need to do is fry 500g of chicken, add the pack of Thillai’s Easy Chettinad Mix, add water and bring it to boil. Add coconut milk if desired.

    Available in convenient pack size of 50g.

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    Easy Pallipalayam Chicken Mix

    Thillai’s Easy Pallipalayam Mix is perhaps the only one variant in the market that makes legendary chicken recipe from the Kongu region into an easy single serve pack that replicates authentic Pallipalayam Chicken.

    Available in convenient pack size of 50g.